10 Oct 18

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
10 Mins
Partner Warm Up
Each person completes each Row

1 Person Rows while 1 person completes AMSUs
100M Row
200M Row
300M Row
200M Row
100M Row

Log your own # of AMSUs

Negative Pull Ups (EMOM5)
Start with chin above bar and slowly lower to full hang

Increase duration of your CONSISTENT negative work…
Ring MU Negs
C2BPU Negs
PU Negs
Ring Row Negs
Metcon (Time)
20 min time cap

Pull Ups
Box Jumps (24,20)
Wall Balls (20,14)

Extra Credit
Push Up Series
The following is a typical layout (could vary) complete 3 PUs per item unless you have GREAT PUs…

5/3 Regular (Tri-cep) PU
5/3 Wide PU
5/3 Regular PU
5/3 One Hand in Front, One in Back
5/3 Regular PU
5/3 Other Hand in Front, Other in Back
5/3 Regular PU
5/3 Diamond PU
5/3 Regular PU
5/3 Hands out in Front (start on elbows)
5/3 Regular PU

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