14 Jun 18

Metcon (Time)
Warm up:
Teams of 2
5 Rounds
200m Row – each
20 Partner Med-Ball Sit-up throws each
L1/L2 – reduce med ball situps 10-15 reps

15 minute cap

Metcon (Time)
Every :30 x 5 Min.
1. Plank
2. Superman Hold
Metcon (Time)
WOD 1:
1 Arm KB Snatch from Hang
Knees 2 Elbows
Metcon (Time)
WOD 2:
Teams of 2
2 Rounds

20 Synchronized Partner Barbell Squats (95,65) –one barbell and partners hold each end on their shoulders
20 Synchronized Burpees facing over bar
Run 200m

Extra Credit
Metcon (Time)
1-10 Rounds of 10 Cal Sprint on AB

Sprint as fast as you can and complete 10 Cals on the AB

Rest 3 mins

Take round 1 time and multiply it by 1.1 (say 20 secs x 1.1 = 22 secs)

Complete round 2…if round 2 (or any other round) is less than the 22 secs then continue the rest/ repeat for all 10 rounds!

Log fastest time
Log in notes how many rounds completed and what round 1 was

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