21 Nov 22

High Knees Down
5 Burpees
High Knees Back
Butt Kickers Down
10 Air Squats
Butt Kickers Back
Soldier Kicks Down
5 Ring Rows or Pull Ups
Toe Taps Back (Flex Foot you’re tapping)
Sumo Squat Down
5 Burpees
Split Jerk Lunge Back
Death by Burpees
On minute 1, complete 1 burpee;
On minute 2, complete 2 burpees;
And so on…

You are finished when you can no longer complete the number of burpees within the minute 🙂

Once you ‘die’, start over at 1 burpee and continue until everyone else in class is ‘dead’.

10 Min Cap Death by Burpees Start at 1-4 Burpees

** If you haven’t completed 50 Burpees by the end, finish the 50 Burpees!!!





250M Row

10 FS (115,85)

10 Box Jumps (24,20)


Shoulder Press

10RM Strict Press – Add 5-10# to last week

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