25 Apr 19

Metcon (Time)
500m row
50 situps
50 jumping jacks
400m row
40 Russian twists
40 mountain climbers
300m row
30 hollow rockers
30 star jumps
Hand Stand HoldsĀ 
E2MOM10 HS Holds/ Shoulder Taps/ HS Walk practice (work for no more than 30 secs)
Metcon (Time)
For time:
25 Cal Row
50 KB Swings (light)
50 Box Jumps
50 Burpees
25 Cal Row
Extra Credit
Magical 400’s (Time)
Magical 400M

Run/ Sprint 100M
Walk/ Job Back 50M
(Sprint 8 time/ Walk back 8 times)

The above is 1 Magical 400M…if more than 1 is programmed…in between EACH Magical 400M, please complete the following Core Work and then take a 3 MIN REST PERIOD…

Core Work
25 Push Ups
25 AMSUs
25 Jumping Jacks
1 min wall sit

4 x Magical 400s

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