29 Sept 22



1. I/O
2. F/B
3. Slolam
5. Mix-Up 8 Steps each of I/O, F/B, Slolam, RFRS
6. Mix-Up 8 Steps each of I/O, F/B, Slolam, RFRS
7. DUs
8. DUs
9. Rest
10. ME DUs (Goal is 100+)



10 AMSUs
10 V-Ups
10 T2B

* Goal is to be Rx on everything!

1. Choose a rep count you can handle 5-10.
2. Try a bent knee V-Up if you usually AMSU. Try a straight leg V-Up if you usually modify.
3. Get a good S/H Swing; then move to a good SWINGING K2W; then K2C; then K2Elbows; then T2B.

** If you have Rx AMSUs, Rx V-Ups and Rx T2B, you are working on consistency and capacity in the 10 minute window!!!


20 min time cap

Complete as many Reps as possible


10 Burpee Bar Hop

20 Hang Power Cleans (95,65)

30 Cals on a Machine

40 Push Jerk

50 DUs or RFRS

10 Min Quick Body Stretch
To be completed after workouts ONLY…when you are super warmed up 🙂

:30 Roll each ankle
:30/:30 Calf Stretch/Soleus Stretch, each leg
:60 Hamstring Stretch (touch ground w/ straight legs)
:30 Quad Stretch (pull foot behind body and up), each leg
:30 Lateral Lunge, each side
:30 Pigeon Stretch, each side
:30 Post Lat Stretch (lean left side of body against post, reach opposite arm OH and pull on post) each side
:30 Post/Doorway Stretch (pec) each side
:30 Neck & Head roll, each direction

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