3 Dec 18

Shoulder Press (1RM Strict Press – lets just see where we are)
15 mins to set
Pull-ups (EMOM5)
I am looking for CONSISTENT reps here…so show me what you got!

Log your lowest number but you can list all 5 rounds in your notes 🙂

If you use bands, list in the notes…
If you are on the rings, list where your feet are placed in relationship to the rings…

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

1. :45 secs to complete 12/10 cals Rower
2. 10-15 Wall Balls

Be consistent! Log your TOTAL REPS…note if you are inconsistent please


1. :45 secs to complete 10/7 cals AB
2. 7-12 Wall Balls

Extra Credit
Push Jerk (E2M x 10 – 1 Push Jerk)
Metcon (Time)
If you are completing the 100 Reps per day fun challenge…

100 Cals on the Rower today!!!

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