4 Dec 18

Push Up Series (2 Rnds – 15 mins max)
The following is a typical layout (could vary) complete 3 PUs per item unless you have GREAT PUs…

5/3 Regular (Tri-cep) PU
5/3 Wide PU
5/3 Regular PU
5/3 One Hand in Front, One in Back
5/3 Regular PU
5/3 Other Hand in Front, Other in Back
5/3 Regular PU
5/3 Diamond PU
5/3 Regular PU
5/3 Hands out in Front (start on elbows)
5/3 Regular PU

Bent Over Row (10 mins to¬† complete 3×10 each side)
Keep a flat back
No kipping
Use a bos to stabilize
Bear Complex (E2M x 7)
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Second Push Press
Extra Credit
Back Squat (4×12 climbing to a max effort)
100 Cals on AB (Time)
As fast as humanly possible

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