6 Dec 18

Metcon (Calories)
ME Row Cals in 10 mins
while staying in the GREEN/YELLOW on the HR Strap
Bills Miserable Abs 2 (15 min time cap)
30-4 count swimmers kicks
30 Pulse Ups
30 Diamond Pulse Ups
15 Leg Climbers
30 Oblique Crunches, each side
15 Leg raises w/ Med Ball (10,8)
immediately into
15 Leg raises (no Med Ball)
50 Med Ball side taps in V-sit
Metcon (Time)
Your Goal is to be in the YELLOW Zone!
(Rest if you enter the RED Zone/ Burpees until you hit YELLOW if you enter the GREEN Zone)
10 min time cap
100M Farmer’s Carry (35,25)
20 KBS (35,25)
30 Goblet Squats (35,25)

Rx+ (53,35)

Rest 5 Mins

Metcon (Time)
Your Goal is to be in the YELLOW or RED Zone!
(AB SPRINT 10 Cals if you hit the GREEN Zone)
8 min time cap
100′ Bear Crawl
10 T2Bs or AMSUs
Extra Credit
Deadlift (4×12 Climbing)
Metcon (Time)
100 Box Jumps
Is, Ys, Ts and Ws 
Standing, bent over while maintaining lumbar curve perform reps where your upper body makes and I, Y, T and W shape at the prescribed reps and weights.


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