8 May 18

Push Up SeriesĀ 
The following is a typical layout (could vary) complete 3 PUs per item unless you have GREAT PUs…

5/3 Regular (Tri-cep) PU
5/3 Wide PU
5/3 Regular PU
5/3 One Hand in Front, One in Back
5/3 Regular PU
5/3 Other Hand in Front, Other in Back
5/3 Regular PU
5/3 Diamond PU
5/3 Regular PU
5/3 Hands out in Front (start on elbows)
5/3 Regular PU

Zottman Curls (3×10 Zottman Curls)

(4 sec neg) (Be more consistent w/ weight or go up)
Death by 10M (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Complete the following…

Minute 1 – 10M
Minute 2 – 20M
Minute 3 – 30M…

…and so on until you do not complete the work within the minute

Extra Credit
Pec Stretch
On a half roller, complete 3-30 sec holds on the pec stretch…see a coach for an exact description
Back Squat (BS 8@65% 6@75% 4@85% 4@90%)

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