9 May 18

Power Clean (10 Mins to set 2RM PC)
Metcon (Time)
HS Holds/ Shoulder Taps/ HS Walk practice (work for no more than 30 secs)
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
AMRAP3 x 3 w/ 3 min rest inbetween
30 Wall Balls

* Score is number of DUs

Extra Credit
L-Sit (5×30 secs L-Holds (On Ground/ On Bar/ On Rings))
Monster Walks (3×10 Each Way)
Grab a green mobility band, put the band around both ankles, stand in a squat position. Step one leg sideways as far as you can and then bring the other leg closer just a bit keeping most tension on the band. Keep hands OH. Add weight OH for additional work.

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