September 5, 2016

Getting Started


1.      Come on into the gym to schedule your first On-Ramp class. Currently Kristen, Dannielle, Mike and JoAnn are all coaching On-Ramp classes.

2.      Email us at

3.      Call us at (617) 877-1495.

How to Begin:

1.      You can drop into any of our Thursday or Sunday Boot Camp Classes and see what we are all about.

2.      Give us a call to set up your first On Ramp class (617) 877-1495.

3.      Please fill out and sign our waiver/ medical questionnaire.

4.      There are 3 On-Ramp classes in total.  We take your health/safety very seriously and our On-Ramp program ensures you’ll have a firm understanding of our gym and safety measures to begin your journey.  Each class builds on the previous class.

5.       Once you’ve completed your the On-Ramp classes you are ready!!!

6.       Find a class on our schedule and GO!

Additional Info:

1.      Our EFT accommodates credit cards, debit/bank cards and your personal checking account.

2.      You can also find our current schedule on this website, under Schedule.

3.      We post our daily WODs (Workout Of the Day), schedule, announcements etc., all on the website.

4.      We also have Facebook Open Forum where we all discuss all things CrossFit.  If you would like to be added to this private forum just “friend request” Kristen Greene Rego and let me know you’d like to be in the forum.

Please select an On Ramp appointment time from the calendar below and provide your contact information so we may reach you if there is a scheduling issue.